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RiverRx is an independently  owned EPIC® pharmacy started by Narender Dhallan who has already served  the Bethesda community for over 16 years as a pharmacist and as a BCC  high school teacher. Our current location was chosen after a great deal  of careful consideration. We believe that Kenwood Station on River Road  offers our patrons a ONE-STOP SHOPPING experience.  We  realize that our parking lot is often overflowing, but if you are  already coming here to Whole Foods® or one of the other popular stores,  why not stop next-door to pick up your medications as well?

Our mission is simply to  provide the best service of any pharmacy in Bethesda. If you have  insurance, WE MATCH PRICES, and if you pay for your own medications we  not only MATCH MOST LOCAL CHAIN DRUG STORES, BUT WE’LL ALSO DELIVER FOR  FREE. Along with having your prescriptions delivered to your home or  workplace, you also have the option of having your medications BUBBLE  PACKED, MAILED, COMPOUNDED, or FLAVORED

Come find out how different  an independent pharmacy really is from all of the chain drug stores.  Call today or simply bring in your bottles to transfer your  prescriptions.

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 Monday – Friday 9AM to 7PM
Saturday – Sunday 10AM to 4PM .


5257 River Rd., Bethesda, MD 20816

Phone: 301-654-MyRx (6979)